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7Bev Corporation was incorporated 2015 in the state of Oregon, USA by JK Chay with a mission to develop and market premium craft beverage products for the global marketplace. 7Bev entered into the alcohol beverage business as a wholesale distributor and importer/exporter in early 2015. In 2016, 7Bev launched a cider-winery operation under the brand of Queen Orchard to produce and market premium cider & wine products. The Ale & Cider House at Willamette opened in February 2018 as a retail & distribution outlet for Queen Orchard along with other 7Bev partners to show case craft beer, cider, and wine products.

In 2019, we have acquired a 65 acre farmland  in West Linn, Oregon to be developed into one of the largest  apple orchards in Oregon. We have planted several thousands of multi variety of apple trees to be used to produce Queen Orchard ciders and our partner cider and wine makers. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, we have revised our business model to be more e-commerce focused in our retail operation. We have launched 7BevCommerce online Ale & Cider shopping sites.  We still continue to operate our Ale & Cider House in Willamette, West Linn, OR for our local customers.

In addition, we are offering contract manufacturing and private labeling services under 7Bev OEM for people/companies to market custom cider and blended wine without having to carry the high over head of being a full scale cider/winery operation. As part of our contract manufacturing/private labeling program, it is possible for anyone to start marketing his/her own products without any technical know-how at a much lower startup cost. 

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